Congratulations To Our Contest Winner

This will be pretty short and sweet. The Dino Nation Blog is happy to congratulate Brett Lockwood the winner of our Return of T.J Contest Winner. I thank all who entered and our 3 finalists in the contest. All were great and did a good job making it a tough choice. Brett will now be taking in a game with yours truly at the ACC. A pretty exciting one at that with the return of T.J Ford to Toronto. I hope to make it a great experience for him and see it as a way to thank all of the readers in making this a fun experience for him. So Congrats to him and I look forward to meeting him on Wednesday.

Also thanks to Raptorman.ca that was kind enough to put up the tickets for the contest.


  1. Congrats Brett!!

    Enjoy the game!


  2. Thanks Jon, tight race.