Game 7 X 2.

Is it just me or does it seem like the season for the Raptors ended a year ago. It was actually just a month ago. If you are missing the Raptors though just watch the Orlando Magic. They jack up 3's just like the Raptors. They forget about their big man and getting him touches just like the Raptors. Beyond having the shoot blocking of Dwight Howard and an overall better talent level watching the Magic reminds me of watching the Raptors. Oh and I almost forgot the Magic blow leads. But some how they have managed to get to a game 7 with the Boston Celtics. The Magic have had chances to win this series and just have let them slip away. The odds for the Magic taking a game 7 in Boston are long indeed. I think the stat was Celtics have won like 18 out of 20 games 7's all time in Boston. I remember one of the ones they lost. It was against the Sixers and Andrew Toney went nuts and won the game almost single handed for Philadelphia. It should be a fun one. I honestly thought the Magic were dead last night. But Paul Pierce missed 2 free throws and the Celtics went in the tank late. It was unexpected to say the least.

But you want to talk about UNEXPECTED...The Houston Rockets. No T-Mac, No Yao and no problem? Well it was in game 5 and was not in game 4. Game 6 no issues as well. Aaron Brooks is the best point guard that until this series you may never heard of. Many wondered what exactly the Rockets were doing when they traded Rafer Alston. Brooks has proven that is more than able to be a starter for the Rockets in fan he could start on a lot of teams in this league. Brooks has been able to do what he wants as the Lakers can not match-up with him at all. Jose Calderon's defense has nothing on Derek Fisher's D. But the Rockets have had more than just that. Great efforts from Battier,Artest and Scola. Lakers I still think will survive but it has been a heck of a ride for the Rockets.

It all makes you as a Raptor fan so jealous. I admit that I am one of those people that wants the team I cheer for is out I have a hard time watching the games. But this season thanks to work and just a bit more interest on my part I have been watching and enjoying the NBA Playoffs. Would I enjoy watching the Raptors be part of that a heck of a lot more. Absolutely. However the road back to the playoffs for the Raptors seems like an awful long one as I sit hear a month after the season ended. Bryan Colangelo still has a few more months to change my mind and all of yours. He has a very tough task in front of him and that is the truth. So maybe a weekend of reflection will help me see the light. Actually it is a holiday weekend so enjoy that and be safe. I will be back on Monday and you can have something to read when you get back from where ever you are off to this weekend. Helpful hint for those of you that plan on some adult beverages. Which if you do, make sure you are not driving we get enough of that in this world and should not. Anyway if you are returning from the weekend and are feeling not so good. Gatorade is a great cure for those times when you over do it on the adult drinks. You never see that in a Gatorade ad but it is true. Anyway I am going no where and will be happy to enjoy 2 game 7's that I honestly never saw coming. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend folks.

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