Raptors Should Fear NHL Deux In Ontario.

Jack Armstrong in talking about the whole Jim Basillie and Gary Bettman feud about Basillie and his desire to bring a second team to Southern Ontario made a good point. Now personally being from Hamilton and the fact Basillie has targeted it as the place this team may end up makes me happy for people of Hamilton. If it were to happen. However the point that I never thought about would be the impact on the Raptors. Everyone talks about the impact a second team would have on Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres. But Jack pointed out and rightfully so, that Raptors would have another big monster to compete against in the market to compete for fans and media coverage. What will that mean for the Raptors? Games on TSN 3...Coming Soon. I mean this season proved how little impact basketball fans have on the broadcasters. We don't count. That is because Hockey rules all and they do little to meet the needs of fans of other sports. Another NHL team will mean that NBA and Raptors Highlights will come later and be shorter. If you think I don't know this you would be wrong. I worked in a newsroom and have seen it happen first hand. It pains me to want Gary Bettman to get his way. I know that I pay little attention to hockey if any. However even I have no love for Mr. Bettman. He did actually come from the NBA a long time ago. We as basketball fans should all be grateful he is gone. God forbid anything would have happened to David Stern and Gary Bettman was running the NBA.

If you truly are a basketball fan first you need to be afraid of this second NHL team if it comes to Southern Ontario. This season with all the Raptor Games shoved to TSN2 and now NBA Playoff Games. It is only going to become worse if you get another NHL team in the market be it in Hamilton or a second team in Toronto. There was a time when I would watch a hockey game. There was a time when I was a true fan of the Buffalo Sabres. However having seen the way Hockey has become this beast in the sports media it has turned me off the game and I am never coming back. I will watch the odd highlight and be force feed hockey info because it is can't be avoided living here. But I am not ever going to change until the media does. However I have seen the weather reports for Hell and it is not expecting to freeze over anytime soon.

I am starting to almost feel like a soccer fan or a UFC fan in the sense that I almost feel that I have to fight to have my sport get it's fair share of coverage. I guess that is why it is good we have so many quality folks covering the game online. The Raptors and the great blogs like Raptor Blog, Raptors Republic, Hoop Head North and many others are all out there for you to enjoy. Dino Nation Blog as well. We may be heading to a world where the internet becomes more important than T.V and Radio. However we are not there yet and it is easy to see that all forms of media are going to use the Internet as a tool to promote those forms of media. That is why you see everyone and their brother cashing in on things like Twitter and Facebook.

It is a changing world and many things will change as we move forward. However what will not change anytime soon is the love of hockey in Canada. Along with that the media trying to cash in on that love through the way they cover sports. I get that fighting Hockey in this country is like going into battle with a fork and looking across at someone with a grenade launcher. However all I have ever wanted or expected is the sport I love getting it's fair share. Along with that not have it disrespected both directly and indirectly. Which happens far to often in this country. Much like hockey does in the United States. In the U.S they are able to find balance to provide a lot of solid coverage of many sports. NBA, NFL and MLB all get there fair share of a sportscast. It will very in different areas but you get a solid look at all 3.

It seems odd that I end up on the wrong side of things and end up supporting MLSE and Gary Bettman. However that is where I may be forced to be. Hamilton could really use an NHL team though. It would do a lot of good for the place I call home. It is what else it would do that concerns me. I love where I live and I enjoy Toronto as well. That is not something you hear a lot of. But I think both places offer different things that are good. But no matter how I feel about all of this I just can not bring myself to say Go Gary Go. He has not exactly been kind or respectful to people in this country in my view. That is a view that most Hockey fans in this country would agree with me on. It is probably the only thing or one of very few. But what it will all mean for the future is any one's guess. The Phoenix Coyotes coming to Canada is not a good thing for basketball fans. Steve Nash gets to come with Coyotes them I am on board.

Sorry for not getting a blog out yesterday. I had a rare morning of sleeping in and never was able to get caught up all day. Sometimes it happens. If you have some thoughts on this or just the coverage of Hockey in comparison to basketball please feel free to drop off a comment. I love hearing from readers and getting your takes on things.

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