Air Canada Flight 2 Now Boarding?

The man that became "Air Canada" Carter went home. Vince Carter was traded to Orlando hours prior to the draft in New York City. That was one of a number trades that would almost over shadow the draft. Shaq was traded to the Cavs in what amounts to a cash dump by the Suns. Crawford traded to the Hawks. It was an eventful day. The majority of Raptor fans were focused on the draft. Bryan Colangelo had given a list of 5 players that Raptors would likely pick at #9. By the time number 9 rolled around, there was only one of those players off the board(Jonny Flynn @6- To T-Wolves) which would leave James Johnson, Gearld Henderson, Jrue Holiday and Demar DeRozan. The Raptor fans had made it clear in large number who they wanted. Demar DeRozan of Compton, California and mad his way to USC.

There was talk on websites that DeRozan did not want to come to Canada. There was drama in if he was going to workout for the Raptors. When he finally did DeRozan told a much different story than what some had been reported. He compared Toronto to a mini NYC. Well in the real NYC David Stern would say the words "with the 9th pick the Toronto Raptors select Demar DeRozan". I was doing the live blog coverage of the draft for The Score and the place went NUTS!!! Toronto had got it's man. He has drawn comparison to Vince Carter. DeRozan would say he grew up watching Carter and is a fan. He would proclaim Via Twitter @Demar_DeRozan this tweet.

Toronto here I come. Air Canadas back."

So that was it welcome to Air Canada Flight 2. As much as people may still hate the old Vince that is heading back to Orlando. Vince in the early days was jaw dropping and amazing. DeRozan has a lot to live up to if he hopes to match what Vince did. But Toronto has a new 19 year old rock star and for now there is just happy feelings in Raptorland. Demar has the raw skills that maybe he can be V.C like. But even if he gets anywhere close it will be the closest thing to V.C we have seen since he left. However I am thinking that being a kid in Compton California and making it all the way to USC is a tough trip. To The NBA even tougher. So if you were to bet against him it likely would not be the first time it has happened I would imagine.

So get those #10 Jersey's because that is the number of Toronto's new hero Demar DeRozan. He is expected to be in town later today to meet with media and likely get to see more of his future new home. Here at Dino Nation Blog we will be talking to Matt Devlin and that should be up sometime today.


  1. Do we know he will wear number 10? he wore number 23 in highschool.

  2. Eric Smith reported this and I think he (DeRozan) did tweet this info. So yes he is #10 in your line up and # 1 in your heart?