Nailed It- Lakers And Magic In Finals

I did!!! Who knew on October 26th 2008 when I picked the Lakers to face the Magic in the Finals. If you think I am going to say me you would be wrong. I had read a lot of the previews and saw a lot of Celtics and Lakers in a re-match in the finals. I did not see nor want to see that happen. I figured even when the Lakers and Celtics had their rivalry at a fever pitch in the 80's, the odd time a Houston Rockets or a Detroit Pistons would make the finals. I felt this was going to be one of those years. The question then became which team would make it and who would be that team to fill the roll of the Rockets or Pistons. Given the fact the Lakers had been missing Andrew Bynum and the way the lost that final game that the Lakers would be motivated to get back to the finals. You may not have agreed with my pick of the Magic but in the poll that I ran along with my picks, 53% of Dino Nation Blog readers picked the Lakers to win the NBA Finals. Just for interest sake no one picked the Magic to win although 22% picked the Raptors to win and New Orleans was also a favourite of some. Here was the logic behind the selection of the Magic. You remember how all the Raptor fan base or at least a lot of them were giddy at the thought of playing the Magic in the playoffs last year. After 5 games Raptor fans walked away in disbelief as the Magic advanced past the Raptors. I felt that not just in the fan base but in the local media we had all disrespected the Magic and not given them enough credit for being a good team. Which in retrospect was pretty hypocritical considering the Raptors were the team that got little respect when they matched up against the Nets a year prior to that. So I walked away impressed with Jameer Nelson and the Magic. The national media in the United States made this a 3 team race all year with Boston, Cleveland and Lakers. However the Magic were always hanging with those teams throughout the season. Finally the Magic have got the respect and the credit they deserve.

So if I have been right about this final based on my pre-season pick. I see no reason to go against that now. Back then I said Lakers in 6 games. If I was going to make the pick again today that is probably what I would go with. Speaking of nor getting respect all along the road to the Finals the Lakers were taking shots while the Cavs were getting love. Now Lebron is sitting home watching Kobe instead of playing against him. The NBA Playoffs are not about how impressive a fashion you win a series just if you win. Last year the Celtics did not exactly impress us by getting pressed to 7 games by the Hawks. But they advanced and moved on. That is what the Lakers have done. They didn't sweep anyone and they had to battle hard in all 3 series with the Jazz, Rockets and Nuggets. Just like the last Magic team to reach the finals they will face a team that has the experience of playing in a finals and knows what is all about. Would it be a dramatic and shocking upset if they won the finals? If you had asked that question at the beginning of these playoffs people would likely say...YES. But people have grown to respect the Magic and by the way I am sure you have heard this by now but in case you have not....The Magic won the season series 2-0. But I am not going against my pick. I waffled about it all playoffs as I felt the Cavs were going to be to good to be stopped. Not this time I will stick to my guns and go with Lakers in 6. After all this is the only part of my prediction I had right.

Still Waiting on CB4

The big announcement whatever it is from Chris Bosh has not come out yet. I am sorry to say to Chris that I am really not that excited about it. Unless he is announcing we are doing an exclusive sit down 1 on 1 interview. That would get me excited. But I am 100% sure that is not it. Oh well whatever it is I will be happy to talk about it. After all he is main man on the Raptors the last I checked and this announcement is not going to change that. The announcement that a lot of fans want to here is the Chris Bosh wants to stay with the Raptors and remain here. But that announcement is not coming today and if you believe a lot of folks in the media that day will never be coming. There are a large group of fans that want to see Bosh traded. Well look around at fans of other teams and how they all want this guy for their team. Maybe you need to take a step back and instead of focus on what this guy is not and focus on what he is. That is a highly talented basketball player. Everyone just assumes if he stays with the Raptors it will take a max contract to do it. Perhaps it does but maybe it doesn't. Bryan Colangelo is gather info on that issue as we speak as I have read some things that he has opened talks with Bosh's agent. Maybe that is the announcement. I am Chris Bosh's new agent. Again 100% not going to happen. However the Dino Nation Blog has stood behind Chris Bosh and will continue to do so. Why? I think he is a heck of a basketball player and to often we have pushed guys out the door far to fast. T.J Ford, Vince Carter and so on. Did I just say Vince Carter? Yup I did. Sure things were bad and Vince wanted out. But look at the deal we rushed and made. It added up to basically Joey Graham straight up for Vince Carter. So let's not rush and push Chris Bosh back across the border so fast. He has done nothing to deserve that and it sure as heck is not going to make this team better in the short term so what is the rush.

But I am told via Twitter Chris Bosh's announcement will go down this afternoon.

From Dino Nation Blog's Twitter- "Waiting for CB4 announcement RT@hadisworld@dinonationblog will hit this afternoon."

Thanks to Hadi for the heads up.

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