Raptors Keep The "Ball" Rolling In Right Direction

The Raptors keep finding ways to win basketball games. The win yesterday came with a price as Hedo Turkoglu took an elbow to the eye just over a minute into the first quarter. The result is that Hedo ended it up with a small, non-displaced fracture of the orbital bone under his right eye. He is expected to be evaluated today and the end result may see a masked Hedo in the line-up when he returns to the line-up. Unclear if that will be the re-match between these 2 on Tuesday. I guess it all depends on if Hedo can keep his eye on the ball literally. Although anytime that anyone is injured near the eye that can be scary and you are just glad or should be that is not more serious.

But there was just under 47 minutes of basketball to play for the Raptors and Pacers. The Raptors looked like the better team through out the game but did not bring a very intense defense effort till late in this game. It was 63-59 at the half and as Mike Wells who covers the Pacers put it defense up here in Canada was "Optional" for both teams. Both declining the option more than accepting it.

One good sign for the Raptors was the Chris Bosh was hitting his jump shot. When that happens CB4 is almost unguardable for a good team let alone the Pacers. Jack and Calderon both were keeping the offense humming along as it was a big day for Jackeron as well. A combined 31 points and 13 dimes for the duo. The Raptors would eventually decide to play some defense and that was highlighted by a mammoth block from CB4. The Raptors would hit the gas pedal and leave the Pacers in the dust.

Antonie Wright ever since he got a bad grade in this blog has been on fire. He really has picked it up and with added minutes with both Demar (Missing his 3rd game) and Hedo missing most of the game left lots of extra minutes to be used. Wright was just one of the many though as Raptors had 7 of the 10 guys that played in this game reach double digits in scoring. Realistically is should be 7 out of 9 as Hedo only played just over a minute. A big team win with a 117-102 victory at the ACC. I mentioned Bosh's big day he had 26 points and 15 rebounds along with 7 assists. In his last 3 games CB4 has 48 rebounds. But what gets me excited is those assists CB4 more and more is starting to flirt with the idea of getting a triple double. Chris Bosh has done a lot of things in this league but that is not one of them. I have a feeling by the end of this season he will have that accomplished.

What the Raptors have accomplished is a 5 game winning streak and are 4 games over .500 and just continue to make the ACC on of the toughest places to play in the NBA right now. Just a reminder if you have not signed up and voted for me on Whotheman.com please do as I can use all the support I can get in my battle in the Raptors Pros vs Joes Contest. Anyone that takes a couple minutes to vote for me or has already thanks.

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