Starting 5 with Ray Bala Talking Madness From A Canadian Perspective

This week kicks off March Madness and there is some Canadian Content in that tournament. I wanted to bring in Ray Bala from @Canballreport on Raptors HQ to talk some NCAA ball. We have a great conversation about players like Kris Joesph, Andy Rautins and some other Canadians you may not know. We also have a conversation on a great two part article written by Michael Grange in Globe and Mail recently on Canadians heading south to play ball. Next season at this time of year you will likely be hearing a lot about Tristan Thompson who is committed to Texas for next season. Texas is an 8 seed in the tourney this year after having been ranked #1 earlier in the season. We talk about some general rules to follow when filling out your brackets. Along with some tips on teams to like or not like. Along with some talk of some of the top guys for the NBA draft in June like Evan Turner and John Wall and some others. Even a little Canada Basketball talk with Canada heading to the World Championships in Turkey this summer. The Dino Nation Blog is mostly about the Raptors and the NBA but it is also about growing the game and fans of basketball in this country. Ray is one of the folks trying to help in that by doing a great job in Raptors HQ and on his Twitter account making folks aware of what Canadians are doing on the college level and elsewhere. So have a listen and take pride in the fact Canada is starting to develop some ballers.

Thanks to Ray for taking the time to talk with me. It is always nice to get to know more folks that love basketball and are passionate Canadian basketball fans. There are lots of us out there. I do the best I can with the Starting 5 to get to know more of them and allow you folks that read the DNB to get to know them as well. Follow Ray on Twitter (Link Above) and you will get to learn a lot about some of these up and coming Canadian talents that are representing Canada and the sport that a Canadian brought to the world. If I learned anything from the past Olympics in Vancouver, it is to never lose that passion for this country and for what I love in basketball. It will always be part of the mission of the Dino Nation Blog to help try to promote the sport here in Canada and help grow the sport and bring more fans to the table. Have some fun and sign up for the 2 NCAA Pools I have started with The Score and Yahoo.

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