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Hello folks. I just wanted to write a few things on the season, the summer and this and that to help let you know what you can expect for the off-season to come and you know, keep coming back here during the unfortunately long off-season. These point are in no particular order.

  • First off we will have a full staff preview of the Playoffs with our picks and who we think should win the NBA's major awards. I wanted to include both Anas and Danielle as they are now part of the team here and figure you should here their thoughts as well as mine. Also eventual I am going to be doing some Staff podcasts with them so we can share are ideas with you all coming soon.
  • The Starting 5 is a 12 month operation just like the Dino Nation Blog is. Over the next month or so I will try and get all of our regular guests to stop by and take a look back at the season and a look forward to a very important off-season for the Raptors. That will begin today as I am going to be talking with Jack Armstrong late this afternoon after his radio show The Game Plan.
  • The only good thing that came from missing the playoffs is the Raptors now have a first round draft pick. They will be in the draft lottery. So the amount of coverage we will dedicate to the draft as obviously changed a bit. So look for more draft talk as June approaches.
  • This Summer Canada will be in the World Championships and as we have done in the past we will cover team Canada in the blog. Yes the main focus of this blog is always and will always be the Raptors. However the game as a whole in Canada we care about and that is why Canada Basketball is covered.
  • Will also try some stuff over the summer to see if you like and we like it. One of the things in adding a few folks to mix to be a part of the DNB on a part-time basis has been the creation of features and some people to help kick around ideas with. One of the Nation and Jiggly Bits (Danielle's NBA Column) have been valuable additions.
  • I will keep the fun going with the Roundball Review. Joey G will be thrilled to learn he is working the summer but he is a cartoon honestly what can he do? I am glad some of you folks love them and support them. I really enjoy this project and it allows me to tap into my sense of humour.

There will probably be other things as well but I want to thank you all for another season of support and encouragement. It has been a exciting year with the blog working with the Raptors and getting some access. It was a great learning experience and think it added to the blog in many ways beyond the obvious of content. So THANKS to you the READERS/LISTENERS/WATCHERS.

Hopefully this has encouraged you to keep with us through the summer months and find out what exactly is going to happen with this team Which is highly up in the air at the moment. Bosh and if he does eventually say adios and a ton more of issues and decisions to be made.

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