One Thing Solved For Raptors

Still a few days left on the clock, but Denver will not match on Linas Kleiza. Why? The news today that Al Harrington has signed a 34 million dollar deal. Which means the Nuggets in a sense tap out and Klezia is gone. So the Raptors deal of somewhere between 18.8 and 20 million dollars for 4 years is a green light. So start the parade we got Klezia!!! I was never that excited about this signing to start with. Klezia was playing in Europe last season not the NBA. I guess if you want to be hopefully than you can look at Carlos Delfino, and his performance with the Bucks after a year out of the league in Russia. That being said, as good as he was, the Raptors did not miss him with acquiring Weems and Johnson.

It is really nice to see that Weems and DeRozan are turning heads in Las Vegas. Summer League is often a snooze for most, except for the hardest of hardcore fans. But watching Weems and DeRozan has been fun as they both clearly seem energized to fill the void left by Chris Bosh leaving. It makes it worth fighting to watch the games if you can. It does not make it worth paying to watch them though. But if you can't see them live they eventually will pop up on Raptors T.V. There are also other methods that during the TSN 2 mess Raptors fans became aware of. The Summer League Raps will be back at today playing the Knicks at 6pm. If there is a team that does Summer League right, it is the New York Knicks. Every year they send their whole crew down to broadcast the games. Walt Frazier busting out words that I have to rush to the dictionary to find the meaning of. The Knicks treat summer league like it is 5 more games on the schedule. Hopefully at some point other teams will follow their lead including the Raptors. As for on the floor the Knicks are 1-1 getting set to face the Raptors a perfect 2-0.

What is the future of Jose Calderon now? It will be very strange to see him back after all of this. The lack of professionalism shown by the Bobcats in letting this trade that never was, get to the point of players being told is pretty bad. The deal the Bobcats took instead has many experts scratching their head and Mark Cuban all smiles. I will look at the bright side in that Reggie Evans is still around as well. I like Reggie personally and think he is a good guy. Will he remain now? That seems unlikely to given his expiring contract and the fact he pretty much had been traded once already. Raptors had once traded Alvin Williams to the Celtics and he failed a medical and returned to the Raptors. Williams held no ill will obviously and now is an assistant coach with the club. Will the Raptors and Jose Calderon be able to do the same? If I was Bryan Colangelo I wouldn't bank on it. Also it really seems like Jack is more in tune with the young core of this team. He deserves this chance to start a season as the number 1 guy for a team. For my money Jarrett Jack showed more leadership in his 1 year than Calderon in his Raptor career.

Here is hoping for a quiet day in Raptorland. It seems to have been one thing after another and my fingers are getting tired. However, if stuff happens never fear I am here. I may not be Mighty Mouse and save the day, but I give it my 100% each day. That is all we can do until they actually invent a 110%.

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