Starting 5 with The Swirsk

His Bears lost to the Seahawks, My Cowboys lost to the Vikings, so both of us were happy to talk some basketball. He spent 10 years as the voice of your Toronto Raptors and needs no introduction, the one and only Chuck Swirsky. We talk a great deal of Raptors including a couple things he tweeted about the Raptors recently. He talks about his outlook for the Raptors, Andrea Bargnani and his future, as well as how the Raptors moving forward in a post Bosh era. In addition we spend some time talking about the Bulls and their outlook for the upcoming season. In addition thoughts on the Miami Heat and who might end up being the MVP of the NBA. No Chuck did not say Rose, but he likes him a lot and why shouldn't he. So get a "Salami and Cheese" sandwich with "Onions Baby Onions" on the side and have a listen to me talk with Mr "Sick Wicked and Nasty" himself Chuck Swirsky.

As he often said in his time here it is always a pleasure talking Raptors Basketball and it is always my pleasure to talk with him. I wish him all the best this coming season and tell you from my experiences you will be hard pressed to find a nicer guy then Chuck. While I do not always agree with him on everything basketball wise he is still one of the best people I have come across. If you are on Twitter (Is anyone not) you can find Chuck @Swirsk054 tweeting about Bulls, NBA and much more.

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