Raptors Make Some Bad History Happen In Charlotte

Bobcats got off on a 4-0 start and the Raptors were obviously far to excited from acquiring James Johnson but would settle down and get it to 11-10 with Bargs and DeRozan chipping in on the rally. They would take the lead and nose ahead of the Bobcats 16-14. DeRozan promised he would bring it post all star break and so far so good nice finish on the break to make it a 4 point lead. Was a close battle in the first quarter and we were tied at 22 with 4 to play in the first. Bobcats got on a run and took control of the game down the stretch in the quarter as the James Johnson debate ruled twitter. Bobcats were beating the Raptors 33-27 as Twitter was a tweeting about James Johnson (Trending in Canada as pointed out by Scott Carefoot).

Raptors looked like a team coming off the All-Star Break with nothing to play for. The lead expanded to 44-33 for Bobcats. Bobcats playing like a team with some hope still left and the Raptors were playing like a team with none. Clearly the James Johnson trade did nothing to fire up the troops. the beatdown would continue as Bargnani after a good start was ice cold in the 2nd and Raptors were defenceless and down 61-44 at the half.

Things would just get worse for Toronto as Bobcats lead would climb to 21 and D.J Augustin loves to play the Raptors. Like many point guards in the NBA. Triano called a time out trying to rally the troops down 71-55. Jordan sitting on end of the Charlotte bench far less concerned then Triano. Oh and this would be a great time to say thanks a lot for screwing us M.J. I would pay a hundred bucks to see Triano walk over and say that. Talking about the ill fated trade that never was with Jose Calderon and Reggie Evans going to the Bobcats. I am happy about half of that trade not happening bet we all know which half. Better to be bitter at M.J than talk about this game. Stephen Jackson left this game with hamstring injury not that it was helping with Raps down 89-69 after 3.

Really not much left to say in this one Bobcats were shooting 50% and getting to line and hitting going 21/24 at the stripe. Raptors would get as close as 11 but they had dug far to deep a whole to dig out of on this night. I am not sure if this is historic but it is odd. Jerryd Bayless had a double double without making a field goal going 11/12 at the line with 10 assists. Bayless had 4 turnovers as well and fans were frustrated on twitter. But if you truly believe this is about development now you shouldn't be. We all know what Jose is and isn't at this point and Bayless should see an increase in minutes down the stretch of this season. In the end Raptors lose 114-101 to the Bobcats and Charlotte has won all 3 games vs Raps this year.

Sonny Weems led the Raptors with 19 points on a day Raps make a trade for a wing. Could just be a happy coincidence but James Johnson being acquired makes Weems Raptor future even more uncertain than it already was. Weems becomes a restricted free agent after this season while the Raptors will hold an option on the newly acquired Johnson. But that is a story for another day in a season where Raptors have had many lows add tying the teams longest road losing streak to the list with their 11th straight road loss. They would surpass the mark with a loss in London England if they lose on March the 4th.

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