Back From My Wrestlemania Weekend Off

I am back from my day off. Did manage to catch some of the Raptors win over the Wizards in which they started like a lion and ended like a lamb. However given their performances in the past vs the Wizards they will take the win. It was the dreaded 99 point no pizza for you win as well. Up next for the Raptors is the Charlotte Bobcats. The fact the Raptors have lost twice to both the Wizards and Bobcats is likely the biggest factor in keeping them in decent position in the draft lottery standings. Cleveland is in a free fall and they will play Raptors on Friday and that will be a big game in those lottery standings. Unlike with Wizards and Bobcats the Raptors have owned the Cavs this season going a perfect 3-0 on the season. My prediction of the Raptors winning 20 games seems destined to happen with 18 wins in the books already. It could even go higher than that with games vs Bobcats, Cavs, Pistons and Nets all left on the schedule. I would think the Raptors at minimum can get 4 more wins this season to finish with 22 wins. Better than what anyone expected and the credit for that goes mostly to Dwane Casey.

So the reason I took the weekend off was Wrestlemania. I needed a break and just wanted to enjoy some sports entertainment. The main event of that card was John Cena vs The Rock. It had a one year build up to it and in the end the match itself was good but far from great. Why do I mention this here? The Raptors have been doing their own one year build to the coming of Jonas Valancuinas and I would suggest most will be left feeling the same way as I did about the Rock vs Cena Match. It is extremely hard for anyone to live up to a year long of hype to their arrival. There have only been a few situations that have been similar to this. Ricky Rubio is the closest example and the build for him was even longer. He stepped up to the plate and till his injury was hitting a home run in Minnesota. Lebron James had a year long of hype when he was in high school prior to coming to the NBA. He hit a grand slam when he finally arrived in the NBA. Those are the exceptions to the rule for the most part. If you look forward to something long enough it almost always never means the high expectations you build in your mind. There is no question Jonas should help things head in the right direction. I think we have seen enough of this kid to establish he will not be a complete bust on the next level. If you think he is the answer and will solve all the Raptors problems and turn them into a playoff team right away you will be disappointed.

It is a busy week for the Raptors with games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is a busy week for myself as well. I will be down covering the game on Friday at the ACC against the Cavs. On Sunday will be at St Louis Wings for the game between the Raptors and Thunder for our party this year. It will be a fun night and after the Easter Bunny has done his thing come out and hang out with us at the Bay St Location of St Louis Wings and watch the best basketball team in the world take on your Toronto Raptors. That is what I am calling the OKC Thunder these days the BEST BASKETBALL TEAM IN THE WORLD. Check how they have been playing lately and who they have been beating lately as evidence of that fact. It should be fun. So a busy week ahead so in the words of former Raptor Reggie Evans...LET'S GET IT!!!

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