Before I Go, Picks For Round 2.

I am off to have my semi-vacation. I will be getting everyone set up for the start of #TeamDNB and playing lots of X-box 360. I am not going anywhere just taking a break for a week. Before I go should give you all my picks for the 2nd round even though we still don't have an opponent for OKC yet or the Spurs. 

Pacers vs Heat: This might be the biggest test for Miami before they go to their second straight NBA Finals. So I guess we know who I am taking in this series. I think the Pacers can take a game maybe even two. But I will have faith the Heat do not mess around in this series and try to send a message.

Heat in 5 games.

Boston vs Philly: This series is a old traditionally rivalry from when I was a kid. The Celtics are banged up and the Sixers really are only here because Derrick Rose and others got hurt. So this series lacks the drama and excitement of Dr.J vs Larry Bird. Celtics will limp there way through and take this series.

Boston in 6 games.

OKC vs Lakers or Denver:

If it is OKC against the Lakers it will be a rematch from a couple years ago. It was a great 6 game first round series that the Lakers won. Since that time OKC is much improved and the Lakers are not. So that makes me think you can flip and reverse it from history.

OKC in 6

If it is against Denver. I think OKC can win here too. They might even be able to do it quicker as Denver used a lot of gas to get the Lakers to seven games. They would need to use a lot more to actually win a seventh game vs Lakers. So this all says to me OKC will take this one fairly quickly.

OKC in 5

Spurs vs Clippers or Grizzlies

If it is the Spurs vs the Clippers I think you will have a very fun series to watch assuming Chris Paul is healthy. If he isn't than the Clippers probably don't get to this series in the first place. A rested Spurs team should be hard to stop.

Spurs in 5

Grizzlies of course knocked out the Spurs last year. The Spurs are old but not old enough to forget that. So if they get a chance to play the Grizzlies again they won't lose a second time in a 7 game series. But it will not be easy.

Spurs in 6.

So that is that. I am officially on Vacation from this blog for the next 9 days. See you on May 21st as we start a new era for the DNB the #TEAMDNB Era.

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